Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week of April 1 - 7, situations will arise that will require you to engage more seriously in solving problems that have already arisen in your home, family or workplace. In most cases, these situations will be the result of serious mistakes and hasty actions.

Unfortunately, developing and resolving them will take a long time and require patience if you don't want their negative impact to deepen.

During the week, avoid serious conversations with people you barely know and who in this particular situation are unlikely to give you accurate or wise advice.

This week will be important for your work or business, as there will be some favorable opportunities to talk with managers or colleagues about issues that concern you.

Those of you who will be interviewing for a new job or applying for a new position will have success.

During this week you will spend more time with your children and loved ones at home.

The week heralds news related to the birth of a child.

Boys and girls will remember the week with important or interesting experiences with people near and far. You will have the opportunity and desire to make plans for your future regarding education or work. health problems such as colds or feeling tired will require attention. Your relationships with some friends will be tested this week because of differences in your views on life or the desires you have ahead of you.

Men will spend seven interesting and successful days in which they will have to carefully follow the signals that fate sends. Sometimes you will be asked to act quickly, sometimes you will be asked to wait. This will be an important time for your financial plans and for activities from which you expect serious income. During these seven days, life will give you an emotional experience related to a girl or a woman.

Women will spend this week under the strong influence of their emotions. Some disappointments or inconsistencies with your wishes would lower your mood. There are likely to be frequent conflicts, confrontations, tensions.

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During the week of April 1 - 7, expect surprises related to travel or people who live far away.

During this week you will have a favorable time for conversations or to resolve your financial issues and interests.

To a large extent, you will be able to rely on the advice or help of people you know, including your friends.

Do not be afraid of the new acquaintances that will arise during these seven days, as they will have their meaning. During the week you will be pleased with good news regarding the treatment and recovery of a person from your circle of relatives or friends.

During these seven days, you will receive important news or information that has caused you worry or fear until now.

Boys and girls will have a favorable week for romantic experiences. The health of some of you may require attention. During this week it will be important to be careful where you leave important personal items and documents.

Men will show impatience and misunderstanding of the actions or words of family members, colleagues or friends. You will show your irritation easily, or you will inadvertently cause conflicts. Such behavior will create various unpleasant situations for you, especially with your marriage or romantic partner. What you expect this week will be radically different from what you actually get. A big fault for this will be your behavior.

Women will have enough tasks and commitments related to money or financial documents, which at some point can affect not only your mood, but also your health. The week brings many surprises for you. Unexpected situations that will arise in your home may be related to money or an unexpected decision of a loved one.