4 zodiac signs that are selfish 

4 zodiac signs that are selfish

Self-love and selfishness are two different things, however, many fail to differentiate.

If you're wondering where some people inherit this personality trait, astrology may have played a role.

So, next time before you feel discouraged by a selfish act of someone close to you, consider these 4 zodiac signs that can be very selfish at times, according to astrology.


Aries can be dangerously selfish at times. Whether it's to satisfy their ego or to make a profit, Aries can do anything.

He won't hesitate to show you his selfish side if it benefits him.


Like Aries, Virgos can be dangerously selfish. They look for benefits in everything they do.

So if you see a sudden change, for the better, in a Virgo's behavior, be careful. You may be missing out sweetly without realizing it.

The crab

A Cancer can be selfish, at times.

However, it is rare that you will find a Cancer using you for personal gain. But it is not impossible.


A Gemini is the worst. He or she may act sweet in front of you, but they won't hesitate to hurt you if it brings them something good.

Whether it's a promotion or winning points at the office, they can betray you very quickly because it's a trait of their selfish personality.