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Ukrainian for Tiranapost: Kiev is under siege! Tonight we expect the hardest night, but fear is not our option

Ukrainian for Tiranapost: Kiev is under siege! Tonight we expect the hardest

Journalist Mira Kazhani was able to contact a 32-year-old Ukrainian woman who points out that tonight Kiev is probably in the most difficult hour since the start of the war.

The 32-year-old, who lives between Albania and Ukraine, traveled to Kiev a few days before the outbreak of the war to see her family and decided to stay there. She is currently with her mother, and told journalist Kazhani that they are staying 10 meters underground in the palace owned by her business mother, but we are lucky. Most are on the subway and in cars. The children are dying. Supermarkets are only slightly open during the day until yesterday, but today in Kiev alarms prevail and heavy bombardment is expected. Those staying in Kiev communicate through the large groups they have opened on the Telegram. There is internet in Kiev and the line also goes underground thanks to Starlink which was made available by Elon Musk.

There are many organizations on the move that provide information on when bombings may occur and when they should hide in safe places and when they can go to the hospital or buy something. ATMs no longer have cash and the only bank open is the national one, from where the 32-year-old says she has an account number where money is sent in support of the Ukrainian army and resistance.

"If the situation is a little calmer I will tell you live," she said. At the moment we need to be calm and save our heads. We are praying. ”
While her mother, a strong and optimistic woman shows that the Ukrainians will succeed and that one day she will come with her friends to Vlora, the city that she liked very much in Albania.

"We have no alternative to fear," she told journalist Mira Kazhani.

Exclusive story from Kiev for Tiranapost.