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The special birthday wishes of the writer Ismail Kadare's daughter

The special birthday wishes of the writer Ismail Kadare's daughter

Besiana Kadare, the daughter of the great writer of Albanian literature, Ismail Kadare, has published today, on her father's 87th birthday, one of his most popular poems, "We are strangers".

The daughter of the great writer, who is also the Permanent Representative of Albania to the United Nations, in New York, says that bringing back or rereading one of the works of a writer is the best way to make him happy. even on his birthday.

And so did she herself!

Besiana Kadare's post:

The best way to congratulate a writer is to re-read/discover his books. On the occasion of Kadare's birthday today, I am sharing with you one of my favorite poems, written in 1964:

We are strangers

We have been strangers for a long time,

What needs to be said has been said,

Like the stones that take place on the ground,

In life we ​​have occupied.

We closed towards each other

All roads and paths,

Like two medieval cities

With walls, lancets and stacks.

But at night, when the brain is tired,

I close the gates quietly,

You find a path and enter,

A path that only you know.

Then as in the alleys of parks,

Walk between circovolutions,

Enters carefree dreams,

Fanitesh, laughs, waves to me.

But when the morning is near,

You start worrying suddenly,

And silently goes out

From the path, which comes out only for you.

The day comes. Life flows again.

And we both as before

We stay cold and invincible

Like two medieval cities.