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More Borgen, less Sherlock: EU hits British TV

More Borgen, less Sherlock: EU hits British TV

The European Commission is considering removing the United Kingdom from the list of countries that provide European content. This means that on streaming services, such as Netflix, British series such as Sherlock Holmes will no longer be called European content, but British.

According to Politico, this would put broadcasters and streaming platforms in a difficult position, as the UK is among the biggest contributors to European content.

"The need to redefine the concept of European works has arisen in the context of Brexit. It is arguable that, as the UK is no longer a member of the EU, works originating in the UK should no longer be considered European." , the document says, according to Politico.

The Commission has not yet indicated how it might implement the changes and has not made a final proposal to exclude content from the UK; any such move would undoubtedly cause opposition from the industry.