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100 days on a canvas, by Agron Hoti

100 days on a canvas, by Agron Hoti

"The Blue heART of Europe" is the title of the initiative that combines nature, art and sport and that will carry the signature of Agron Hoti. His ambitious project, on the scale of a Guinness record, includes a giant canvas of 7,600 m². The artist plans to create the largest painting ever created in Albania. Hoti will paint for about 3 months in the tent located next to "Italia" Square.

His brushstrokes will bring the ramifications of Europe's only wild river, the Vjosa. These ramifications remain intact in the work, just like the river Vjosa flowing wildly in its natural bed. This picture will bring together a number of personalities of art, sport, history, media, politics and social life in the country. These characters will have the opportunity to, together with the artist, throw their colors and signatures on the canvas, becoming part of this artistic creation.

The work will be divided into about 2500 paintings and each of them will be unique and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to make their favorite part of the painting, through an event aimed at pre-selling the work. Other pieces will also be available for purchase by art lovers who want to decorate their spaces with pieces of this painting.

The entire process will be carried out in real time in a space dedicated exclusively to the preparation of this gigantic work of art. The curious, the enthusiasts, but also passers-by will have the opportunity to closely document this colossal work and its realization. The entire development space of the activity, which will last 100 days, will take the form of a giant studio.