Another failure in Brussels, Kosovo and Serbia did not reach an agreement on the dinar! The EU reacts

Another failure in Brussels, Kosovo and Serbia did not reach an agreement on the

The European Union said on Wednesday that Kosovo and Serbia failed to agree even after the seventh meeting in Brussels on the issue of the Serbian dinar, the use of which was banned by the authorities in Pristina, months ago.

"The EU assesses that there is no readiness to find a compromise agreement in the future," EU spokesman Peter Stano said in a press release after a tripartite meeting in Brussels.

The chief negotiator of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, met with the chief negotiator of the Series, Petar Petkovic, under the mediation of the special envoy Miroslav Lajçak, for the seventh time on Wednesday, in an effort to find a solution to this issue.

Bislimi described the meeting as a failure, saying that the Serbian side came with new proposals on the issue, and not with answers. While Petkovic said that the Kosovar side "rejected all the proposals". Speaking to journalists after several hours of negotiations, Bislimi said that he does not expect any more meetings on this topic.

In a statement, the European Union expresses its regret that no agreement was reached today and emphasizes that this has negative consequences in the daily life of Kosovo Serbs.

"However, despite the EU presenting a compromise proposal that adjusted the parties' positions to the maximum extent possible, the parties could not agree on several key issues, including the overall scope of the new entity's activities, the scope of the beneficiaries of to this entity, and financial assistance from Serbia to institutions supported by Serbia in Kosovo. Today's final meeting proved that the parties were unable to find a compromise solution to the remaining open issues. The EU regrets that no agreement can be reached today. The EU estimates that it is not ready to find a compromise agreement in the future. The lack of an agreed way forward has negative consequences for the daily lives of Kosovo Serbs and other communities across Kosovo and is a constant source of concern."

Yes, "the EU as a facilitator remains ready to call another meeting on this topic as soon as the parties signal their readiness to find a mutually acceptable solution".