The New Theater is being built, Veliaj: We don't have time to waste with those who burn tires!

The New Theater is being built, Veliaj: We don't have time to waste with

The work on the construction of the New Theater is progressing at a good pace. During the inspection at the construction site, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj expressed his enthusiasm for the pace of the works. He said that he hopes that, by 2025, the construction of the new building will be completed. Veliaj added that he regrets the time lost due to the blockages caused to the project.

"When you are on the construction site, you realize that we are talking about an object of magnificent proportions, which will be here for the Tirana of the next 100 or 200 years. Today we are in the construction phase, let's not forget that we lost 30 years for the other two phases, design and vision. I know we have a constant circus of clowns burning tires under the guise of the Alliance for the Protection of the Theatre, when in fact everyone knows it is the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater. Trampling, burning tires, hitting the police force, damaging an object that is a cultural monument like the headquarters of the Municipality of Tirana, which is not my property, all these have nothing to do with the theater. This is an ugly circus, it has become very stale and banal. The fact that Tirana has completely abandoned them means that Tirana is looking forward to the New Theatre. This is the Theater of Tirana, this is the Citizen's Theater, this is the Theater that will be air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter; this will be the Theater where every actor, I'm talking about real actors, not Saliu's actors, will have his personal room with all the conditions", said Veliaj.

The mayor underlined that citizens and actors are waiting for the New Theater with good conditions to work and enjoy the performances. The project also foresees a space for underground parking, as well as all the technical rooms that will serve the central stage.

"Your job is not to worry about burning tires, but to worry about the engineering, about the technical part, about the construction and concreting, and about all the utilities, like water, light, fiber optics and electricity. Our task, as the division of labor requires, is to listen to that absurd theater for a while longer. But the best way to respond to the burning of tires and the grotesque banality that is created by this ritual for Saliu's release is to construct this work. Who remembers the history of modern Tirana, no big project that has changed the life of the city has been done without hassle by those who only know how to make hassle. We started this work with the toy corner at the Lake, and when I look at the same faces that dragged the railings on the Boulevard, that protested against toys with guns, imagine what they do to this project. The same thing happened with Astir, where the tires burned, the same thing happened at the Boulevard, the same thing happened at Pazari i Ri, at the Castle next to here. So, this is a film that we have seen, now let's wait for the last series of the film, but in the meantime we have to start a new era with the New Theater that makes a big contrast with the theater of banality that I see", said Veliaj.

In the end, the mayor emphasized that during the summer, the work on the theater will continue with three shifts, to take advantage of citizens' vacations, when Tirana has less mobility.