Rama-opposition: Vote and do not boycott the anti-corruption resolution, no one can stop it

Rama-opposition: Vote and do not boycott the anti-corruption resolution, no one

Prime Minister Edi Rama invited the opposition from the floor of the parliament to vote on the anti-corruption resolution presented by the Socialist Party at this Monday's session.

In his speech, Rama emphasized that the resolution is made with the aim of setting up a new front of statehood and the fight against corruption that will make Albania a member of the EU in 2030.

The head of the government said that no one can stop this resolution from being approved, so he appealed to the opposition to become part of the voting and the special commission that will be set up afterwards.

"I will close with two key points, the first is for the Albanians. We are very aware that corruption in Albania is a cancer inherited from the Ottoman society and until the half-half capitalism of the transition, which our government with vision, reforms and giving up the political control of justice has started to repel, but it has not yet succeeded and therefore corruption is a worrying phenomenon. This is why we and not anyone else come to parliament today with this initiative, which clearly proves that this political force in the government has no satisfaction or fatigue with power, but has such a power to change the country and the continuous change itself that makes it the only serious opposition to itself. I have the second one for the deputies outside the perimeter of the Socialist Party in this hall, just as the justice reform did not stop, neither does this new initiative. Therefore, my appeal is to vote today on the draft resolution and if you did not find the strength to do so, do not boycott the committee that will be set up tomorrow," said Rama.