The clock changes tomorrow, what you need to know

The clock changes tomorrow, what you need to know

Tomorrow, the last Sunday of March, the time changes. On the night between Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March, daylight saving time returns when the hands move forward one hour. In exchange for one less hour of sleep, we will have one more hour of light.

Daylight saving time will last until October 30, which will be the last Sunday in October.

The rule of changing the clock has been established since the eighteenth century, where the first was Benjamin Franklin who threw the theory that with its realization, a lot of energy would be saved.

For decades, the countries of the European Union apply two hours, the winter time, which starts on the last Sunday of October, and the summer time, which returns on the last Sunday of March.

There have been discussions that the time should not be changed anymore, only summer time should remain, but a decision has not yet been made.