Former President Moisiu: This is the message I would leave to future generations

Former President Moisiu: This is the message I would leave to future generations

Alfred Moisiu, the last consensual president, spoke on Ditmir Bushati's podcast about politics, but perhaps more about Albania.

Moisiu remembers the first conversation he had with an RTSH journalist when he had just become president.

"A journalist from RTSH comes to interview me and asks me a question: Mr. Moisiu, how do you see yourself now that you have been elected president? I laughed and said: 'listen boy, I've been on and off the horse a few times'. Well, well, you've never been president, he told me. Of course, I have not been president, I told him, but I know the state", said Moisiu.

The years stand out in the slowness of pace, but not at all in thought. Moses appears in his popular, straightforward style as he reminds us that we are still suffering the individual, society in its function, and even the laws for individuals.

He speaks of the third age as well as of the young.

"It's not that we don't have youth, it's not that we don't have people, but we suffer from bigotry. We have not yet sufficiently developed the idea, need and efforts for state formation. To be honest, religion should also play an important role. Our media, on the contrary, says: Germany demands this, Italy demands this, the USA demands this. Instead of having the examples of those who came, succeeded, created their own farms, enterprises. There are many examples to bring here and talk about the negative things. I don't know who pays these people, but these are not only Albanians", says Moisiu in Public Square.

What does he see in today's spirit of politics as the biggest problem? What about SPAK?

What about the future of this country...?

An interesting moment of the interview in Public Square is when Moisiu talks about the conversations he exchanged with the delegations that came and his perspective on the Albanian state and how it works.

"When they elected me, I told them that 'I do not interfere in your affairs, but I do not accept interference either.' I will implement the Constitution and everyone agreed.

But, in fact, it was a superficial agreement. It is known that our politics, unfortunately, we overthrew the communist system, we chose the democratic system and it was done very well. But the mentality is not easy. In fact, often when foreign delegations came for talks, I said to them: 'Do you see this building? I can tear it down in a minute and build it back up in a year, but mentality takes time. He is not that easy."

Former president Moisiu also tells how his days are today, what regime he follows, what he does and how he manages to have a healthy body and mind?

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