What is happening to the price of energy? Rama in the morning and ERE in the evening say two opposite things

What is happening to the price of energy? Rama in the morning and ERE in the

This morning, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced on Facebook that there was positive news for the family members. Rama said that the price of energy will not start increasing in October as it was announced, but it was postponed by one month by the government.

"After a discussion we had last night until late. An awareness of savings among subscribers has been noticed. Based on the analysis of how much energy it needed in September and how much energy it has today. The second reason is that there is a significant increase in Fierza's level during these days. So we decided that the application of the band-aid at 800 KW will not come into effect on October 1," said Rama.

In the evening, ERE reacted by creating confusion. In the notification of the Entity, the month of October is also included, unlike what the Prime Minister said.

"The prices set by ERE remain applicable for the period from October 1 to December 31, 2022. In the energy emergency situation we are in, the revision of prices will be periodic, that is, if the Universal Service Supplier will notify about changed price costs of purchasing energy, then they will also be reflected by ERE. For example, if for the month of October FSHU sh.a will provide the energy from KESH sh.a at the price of 2.6 Lek/kWh, and the price of energy for the family consumer will remain 9.5 Lek/kWh", says the reaction of ERE.