The director of OSHEE in Lezhë is found raped in the car, he is urgently sent to Trauma

The director of OSHEE in Lezhë is found raped in the car, he is urgently

The director of the OSHEE unit in Lezhë, Edmir Përndeca, was raped this evening in the Shënkolli area.

He was found in the car with fractures in several parts of his body and was taken by the ambulance and sent to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana.

According to the Police announcement, Edmir Pëndreca was driving a car and was hit by a vehicle from behind and then got out to see the impact, while the people who were in the other vehicle also got out of the car and raped Pëndreca.

Police notification:

On the road axis Shënkollë - Lezhë, the OSHEE vehicle driven by the 43-year-old citizen EP, resident of Lezhë, acting as director of OSHEE Lezhë, was hit from behind by another vehicle. After the impact, the drivers of the vehicles were involved in the conflict as well as the two passengers of the other vehicle, who physically assaulted the EP citizen.

The EP citizen received physical injuries and is receiving medical assistance, where his life is currently out of danger.

The investigative group under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office of the Lezhë Judicial District continues its investigative actions for the complete clarification of the circumstances of the event.

The investigative structures of the Lezhë Local Police Directorate are maximally committed to the identification, capture and escorting of the perpetrators for further actions.