Which roads will the Summit block and at what times?

Which roads will the Summit block and at what times?

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, will visit Albania for the first time today, as he will be present at the February 28-29 Summit.

For security reasons, the State Police has taken security measures.

Regarding the circulation of vehicles, the restrictive measures will be as follows:

On 27.02.2024, there will be short-term road closures for security purposes in the passage of delegations coming from "Mother Teresa" airport and other border crossing points in the direction of Tirana, depending on the time their movement;

On 28.02.2024, from 07:00 until the departure of the delegations participating in the activities organized for the Summit, there will be a ban on rest and stay, starting from "Mother Teresa" airport, Rinasi street - former "Shqiponja" square "- Great western ring road, Elbasan Street, "Dervish Hima", "Faik Konica", "Ismail Qemali", "Gjergj Filipi", "Lek Dukagjini", "Pope John Paul II" streets and "Dëshmorët e Kombit" boulevard;

On 28.02.2024, there will be a traffic ban for vehicles, in the time slots 08:00-11:00 and 15:30-17:30, from Rinas airport to the former "Shqiponja" square and vice versa - Great Ring west, Rruga e Elbasani, "Dervish Hima", "Faik Konica", "Ismail Qemali", "Gjergj Filipi", "Lek Dukagjini", "Jul Variboba" and "Fatmir Haxhiu" streets;

On 29.02.2024, from 12:00 to 14:00, there will be a traffic ban on Elbasan Street, Great Western Ring Road - former "Shqiponja" Square - Kashar Neck - Rinas - "Mother Teresa" Airport ;

The roads that are included in the security perimeter of the Summit participants' activities and meetings will be closed to traffic from 08:00 on 28.02.2024 until 16:00 on 29.02.2024, specifically:

"Dervish Hima" road from Elbasan road to Coin;

"Pope John Paul II" road, from RTSH to Coin;

"Abdyl Frashëri" street, from the Libri Universitari intersection to the Presidency;

"Free Ukraine" street, from the Constitutional Court to Vila 30;

"Themistokli Gërmenji" Street, from Elbasan Street to "Pope John Paul II" Street;

"Faik Konica" street, from Ambasador 3 branch to "Dervish Hima" street;

"Gjergj Filipi" street, "Italia" square, from "Faik Konica" street to "Mariot" hotel;

"Martyrs of the Nation" boulevard, from the bridge of the former Dajti hotel to "Mother Teresa" square;

For citizens who want to go to "Mother Teresa" airport, on 28 and 29.02.2024, during the time zone of road closures, they will follow the direction respectively:

Spring - Preze field - Rinas and return;

Fushë Krujë - Valias - Rinas and return;

From South East and Tirana, they will follow the eastern Ring Road - Pharmacy 10 - Train Station - New Boulevard - Paskuqan - Kamëz - Valias - "Mother Teresa" airport and return to the same itinerary.

• The entry of journalists, media vehicles accredited by the security services, as well as guests to the Summit, will be from "Ismail Qemali" street - RTSH - "Dëshmorët e Kombit" boulevard - the final gate of the security services control Guard of the Republic.

• For residents and vehicles that are in the streets and residential blocks, within the security perimeter and streets with long blockages in time, depending on the agenda of the delegations, with the approval of the heads of services, will be allowed to enter and exit, respectively from:

a) Residential block at "Ambasador 3", from "Sheh Ahmet Pazar" or Faik Konica street;

b) Residential block on "Themistokli Gërmenji", "Jul Variboba", "Fatmir Haxhiu" and "Papa Jjon Pali II" streets, in the direction of entry and exit towards Elbasan Street;

c) Residential block at the two towers on "Ismail Qemali" and "Free Ukraine" streets, in the direction of entry and exit limited by security services and exit to "Dëshmorët e Kombit" boulevard and then forced return to the boulevard " Bajram Curri”;

d) The street "Lek Dugagjini" (in front of the University) continuing to the street "Faik Konica" (behind the stadium), with an exit to Elbasan Street, will be free for the passage of vehicles and citizens (except when there is a restriction on the Street of Elbasan).

For the implementation of these measures, the National Security Forces, the RENEA Special Forces, the Special Operational Force in the General Directorate of the State Police, the Local Directorate of the Tirana Police and the Traffic Police Directorate, in coordination and direction from the General Directorate of Police, have been engaged of the State.