Altin Dumani reports on the achievements and problems of SPAK

Altin Dumani reports on the achievements and problems of SPAK

The National Integration Council has started its meeting today, where the institutions are reporting.

The head of the Special Prosecutor's Office, Altin Dumani, has reported on the work done by SPAK so far.

"SPAK has an important role in issuing the gray list for 2023.
The number and sophistication of the investigation and seizure of money increases. The fight against organized crime also increased qualitatively. We also had good contacts and cooperation with regional counterparts.

SPAK in 2023 increased the number of criminal cases that have as their subject the investigation of high or medium profile subjects", said Dumani.

The head of SPAK, Altin Dumani, has also listed the problems he has faced during his work, among which he has highlighted the lack of reports and referrals from institutions, excluding the State Police.

"The files carried and the large load are a concern for SPAK. A special strategy will be prepared for this aspect.

Preliminary investigations take a lot of time, legal advisers would facilitate the work of special prosecutors. Another problem is addressing the increased load. We hope to find a solution. Another problem we have addressed is the drop in referrals from public institutions. Even from the report filed in the Assembly and KLP, a 40 percent decrease compared to 2022 is evident, excluding the State Police. In other institutions there is a decrease in reports. We are considering the addition of BKH investigators".