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    When rice pudding goes chic

    It’s not everyday that you see black rice pudding. At least for us it’s the first time. When our friend Kludeta Skënderasi showed us the photo, it didn’t even look like rice pudding. Then when she explained that for the recipe, she used black rice: as a mom of two children, always in the search for the best and healthy method of cooking, she is looking for ways to level up the traditional cuisine to make them more tasteful and appealing to her kids. One of her ‘inventions’ is this black rice pudding, that it’s worth trying, if not for the taste, you should for the healthy nutrition.

    Black rice is an ancient product with unbelievable health values, in comparison with the other varieties of rice. This type of rice is a great source of antioxidants, proteins and fiber, and iron. A serving of black rice contains 160 calories, but it offers many useful elements, the deep violet color, just like in blueberries, shows the large quantity of antioxidants in this product.

    Ingredients for black rice pudding

    1l of milk

    1 ½ cup with black rice

    5 tbsp of sugar

    1 tsp of cinnamon




    Macadamia nuts


    1 pear


    1 tbsp of corn starch


    Firstly, you have to start by boiling the rice and the dry fruits with water for at least one hour.

    Black rice needs more time to boil, so you might have to wait a bit longer.

    When the rice grains are soft enough add the sugar, milk, berries, cinnamon and then vanilla.

    Let them boil until the milk evaporates.

    In the end add the starch and the minced pear.

    Mix them with a wooden spoon and let them sit for a minute.

    Remove it from the stove top and let it rest and cool.

    Divide the rice pudding in smaller bowls and decorate them with pomegranate./Tiranapost/A.C

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