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  • Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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    Video / You can already see the transformation of Zogu I Boulevard

    The municipality of Tirana has begun implementing the Zogu I Boulevard transformation project, which is expected to take 18 months. The project envisions widening the sidewalks and eliminating the parking.

    “The 35 m linear boulevard will change by increasing the width of sidewalks that are today 3 to 4 meters variable, with a width of 8.25 meters on either side. There will be two lanes of vehicles on both sides of it, the quality and type of material for both the road and the sidewalk will be the same, it will be white stone asphalt”, says Leonora Pacili.

    Constructing new squares is another point that will eventually add spaces to pedestrians.

    “On both sides of the boulevard will be built 4 new squares, the first one is the “pocket” square is designed to be paved with green stone furnished tiles, a large tree will be planted to create the impact of the village centre. On ‘Fortuzi’ Street is planned to be built another Square with the same name, and the fourth square which is the “University” square which is planned to be red brick,” says Leonora Pacili.

    But even the palaces on both sides of the street will get a different look, which will be different from one building to another but unified for each unit.

    “The plastering, the roof, the rainwater drainage systems all of these will be reconstructed. All the air conditioners will be arranged in one place, in some of the new buildings new shutters will be installed with different shades that will be associated with wood panels or metal panels,” she says.

    The bike lane in the middle of “Zogu I” Boulevard will be the only one that will not be touched, but will remain as it is.

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