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  • Thursday, 17 October 2019
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    Veliaj message to Basha: You have to tell the truth about the Russian money

    “Someone that has nothing to hide, isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Where did the 1 million euros from the Russians vanished? You have to come clean”, this was what the current Mayor, Erion Veliaj had to say to the Head of the Democratic Party.

    Speaking for the Unit 10, while on another meeting with this community’s residents, he said that the opposition should stop their failed attempts to prevent CEC from doing its job. “If you want to do something good with the money you took from the Russians, buy books for the children, so that the next generation doesn’t have to destroy the CEC administrations”, stated Veliaj.

    The Mayor then underlined the fact that between the two political forces there is a big and clear difference, the majority is working on implementing reforms, while the opposition it trying their best to prevent that from happening.

    “When they attack Fatmir, they aren’t aiming for him; when they attack Edi Rama, they aren’t really aiming for him; when they attack Blerina, they aren’t aiming for her, when they attack the Mayor, he isn’t their aim. Their aim is the product of our work! Their aim is the Juridical Reform, the Health Reform, the Education Reform, the Reform that will modernise Albania. All they are capable of thinking is their own problems, and finding a way to enforce that problem into us”, underlined Veliaj.

    While referring to the President’s decision regarding the election date, Veliaj stated that this isn’t even part of his competences, and added that the President is just being partial.

    “The President says that there won’t be any elections. First of all, it isn’t his competence. The President tomorrow can decide to close down the Parliament, but even that isn’t his competence. And to believe that he can is the most hilarious thing in the world”, concluded Veliaj./Tiranapost/D.D

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