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  • Thursday, 17 October 2019
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    Veliaj: Proud we’ve kept our promises to citizens

    The Socialist Party candidate, Erion Veliaj, met with the Unit 3 residents, to discus the projects that were finished within the first mandate, and the ones that he hopes to accomplish with the citizens approval. Veliaj stated that he felt proud for everything his staff has done in these four years, because they’ve maintained all the promises that they’d given to the residents, starting from the road’s infrastructure, nurseries, kindergartens and the children’s playgrounds.

    “I remember to have found this area a degrading ruin, then was turned into a construction site and now it holds one of the best schools ever built in Tirana. This school holds modern gyms, innovating labs and playgrounds.

    One of the many reasons that we cannot wait to continue with the election, is to witness what we’ve accomplished and to see what we are itching to do next. Of course, the infrastructure isn’t all there is, but it is something that makes a change. All of what we’ve done, came from our deepest love for this community”, stated Veliaj.

    Furthermore, he said that Tirana nowadays is a transformed city, it can easily be compared to the European ones. An on the other hand, the opposition doesn’t have not just one city that they can justify their work as an example to follow.

    “Tirana has been governed 10 years by the Democrats, 10 years form the Socialists with Rama, then 4 years again from the Democrats and back to the last four years with the Socialists, and I think that it’s as clear as day: When the Socialist govern Tirana becomes the city of dreams. They don’t have a city under their governance that can come close in comparison to our Tirana. Not even Kamza, Shkodra, Burreli, Vau i Dejës, Lezha, Kukësi, Tropoja! Meanwhile all I hear from their municipalities is let’s make our city more like Tirana. But we will continue to raise the odds, we will continue to try our very best again, we will continue to try to break our own record”, concluded Veliaj.

    At the end of the meeting he underlined the importance of voting on June 30th, and stated that that day should be seen as a way that the citizen’s problems can be fully solved./Tiranapost/D.D

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