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  • Sunday, 20 October 2019
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    Transformation of dormitories of Student City has been completed

    Over the summer, the Student City dormitories in Tirana have been utterly transformed, offering modern and up to standard conditions for the new as well as returning students this academic year. This is the first complete transformation of the dormitories in over 30 years.

    The boys building comes right after the girls building. Boys’ 4-storey building, or otherwise serial number no. 6 in total has 66 rooms, one of which accommodates 3 students and the other 2 students who share the room.

    The capacity of the building is 170 students. About 60-70% of the students have been residents before, and enrollments ended on the first day due to high demand, following the modernization of conditions resulting from a radical intervention in the dormitory.

    The representative of the dormitory administration, specifically the specialist in the administration of residences, Indri Taçe, who is in charge of building nr. 6 as well, reported for ATSH that the interventions carried out included the total reconstruction of the building.

    In the boys’ rooms everything is new from the beds to the modern conceptual floor plan. The building has a central heating system with boiler, alarm system, and the reconstruction and external facade is made with thermal insulation.

    To make it easier for boarding students economically, they are given two options to pay their fees: they can either choose to pay for the whole year, or do it through two installments over several months. This way is also helpful for economically struggling families.

    Girls’ building no. 5, has a capacity to accommodate 183 girls, currently 174 registered.The girls’ room attendant, Edlira Meta, explains that this is one of the most sought after buildings and the registrations end quite early.

    Reconstruction has included intervention in walls, material bases, doors, LED lighting, central heating system and so on. Tiranapost.al


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