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  • Sunday, 22 September 2019
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    The didn’t have the courage! Astrit Patozi publicly asked for forgiveness for the withdrawn candidates

    Until now four of the candidates of the Democratic Resolution party have withdrawn from the local elections. Regarding these unexpected decisions, the head of the party Astrit Patozi, said that two of his candidates withdraw from the run because they were threatened.

    At the end of the interview in “Zonë e lirë” (Free Area), Mr. Patozi asked for forgiveness because he didn’t make the right choice regarding his candidates, which according to him acted cowardly.

    Arjan Curri: Who was in charge of the list?

    Astrit Patozi: A group of people that we have appointed as representatives.

    Arjan Çani: I think that you have to say “mea-culpa”!

    Astrit Patozi: I will do it tomorrow!

    Arjan Çani: Why tomorrow?

    Astrit Patozi: I can do it right now! Forgive me, I chose the wrong candidates because they acted cowardly and withdrew from the election./Tiranapost/D.D

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