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  • Monday, 17 February 2020
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    Swedish Musician Alex Alexander discusses Kënga Magjike’s performance and his U.S dream

    At the begining of October, Alex Aleksander performed in the stage of Kenga Magjike, one of the best song contests held in Albania. His performance was received very well by the audience and the jury.

    In an exclusive interview with Tiranapost, Alexander said that he is certain that this song contest will push him forward to United States, where dreams await to become true.


    – How was your first experience in front of the Albanian audience?

    I really loved the vibe and experience on my first visit to Tirana! Everyone was very welcoming and supporting and the Albanian audience seem to really appreciate live music! I could really feel a great hype when i performed and it was a great time.


    – How did you came to contact with the Albanian Festival? Do you know any Albanian artist?

    I first got introduced to Kënga Magjike through the very talented singer Anxhela Peristeri that won the competition in 2017. Anxhela connected me with the great Ardit Gjebrea and we started to have a conversation and he invited me to the Kënga Magjike festival.

    – Did you write your song for this Competition or you had the song and then  found the Festival?

    Me and my co producer/songwriter Johan Randén wrote the song in the same week that i got the contact with Ardit Gjebrea we didn’t have the song in mind for the competition but in some strange way it was the perfect for the Festival and in the end by faith it ended there.


    – Did you heard the other songs? Who are your rivals?

    I heard a couple of the other artists and there are very talented singers and instrumentalists involved for sure! My favorite so far are my new Italian friends from ”Sisma” they are really!


    – Can you tell us something more about yourself? Your first band and now the carrier out of your country.

    As an artist i been active since i was very young i started playing guitar when i was 13 years old and when i was 19 years old i went out on tour with a band in Asia and the middle east for two years. I later focused my energy on my own solo career under ”Alex Alexander” and i started to release like crazy under late 2017 on spotify. I managed to pull in more then 25 million spotify streams under 2018 alone and i am now as an independent artist in 2019 over 60 million spotify streams which lands me as one of the biggest streamed artist in Sweden.

    I also been very active as a songwriter in Los Angeles since 2016 and i been producing and writing on several projects for different artists.



    – You are working with an American studio, aren’t you? Can we say that the road to America goes through Albania?

    I been working with a real Rockstar in LA named ”Adam Gaynor” that is former member of the mega band Matchbox Twenty that sold over 16 million albums. Adam has been mentoring me in songwriting and business for a while and my goal is to move over to Los Angeles and fully pursue my career in America. You can definitely say that the road to America goes through Albania the support and attention i gotten through the Kënga Magjike festival will be a great eye opener for several people in my Los Angeles network and worldwide. And its really amazing you Albanians are so talented in music look at the the current biggest female singers Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha and now recently Ava Max they are all from Albanian parents! There you can a 100% prove that the road to America goes through Albania 🙂 !/Tiranapost.al/