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  • Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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    ‘Student City’ gets its promised transformation, Tirana’s Municipality challenges the work done in the last 4 decades

    “Dorms with humidity, damaged mattresses and beds”, this was the reality that Albanian students faced for more than four decades. But thanks to the investment made by Tirana’s Municipality in collaboration with the government and private donors everything was transformed. The re-construction of the dorms has ended, and all the work was done within the criteria that the University’s Pact laid down.

    In just four months, the ‘Student City’ has undergone crucial changes, some of them where needed to happen four decades ago. The students, within their right, were sceptical if the project would ever start to be implemented by the City Hall, but Mayor Erion Veliaj proved himself to be trustworthy. This was a challenge to keep the promises made, and also a challenge regarding the fact that everything that was being build or reconstructed needed to respect the modern standards.

    You can clearly see through the photos that every promise was delivered fully, and now the dormitories resemble first class hotel rooms.

    Restored dorms, showers that are functional 24/7, modern toilets, electricity in all the rooms, heating system, studying halls, new benches, new beds, mattresses, trees planted around the buildings, this is the new reality that the ‘Student City’ presents today.

    “It’s a big change. Sincerely, I didn’t even believe that this kind of transformation was achievable within four months. Everything from the beds, to the studying hall is perfect. It’s better than any house that you can rent around the city. The conditions are absolutely wonderful. I had my doubts, but the Mayor proved to be trustworthy”, stated Ronaldo Osmani a student.

    Meanwhile the work that’s being done in the Student City’ continues. In just four months the municipality challenged the mentality that usurped the local govern institutions the last 30 years. In just four months they proved that promises can be kept and things can change if there is will. Tirana’s Mayor has promised to build a new and modern campus for all the students./Tiranapost/

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