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  • Tuesday, 21 January 2020
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    Rama receives the Saint Charles Order by Prince Albert of Monaco

    Prime minister Rama was in Monaco for an official visit, initiated by Prince Albert II. He was welcomed with a special ceremony at the Royal Palace in Monaco from Prince Albert II himself and the head of state Mr Serge Telle.

    The Prince decorated the Albanian prime minister with The Commander of the Order of Saint Charles medal. This is the highest order of Monaco’s Principality, created by Prince Charles III, on March 15, 1858.

    Albania’s head of the state was honoured with this order during his official visit in Monaco’s Principality on 10 April 2019, not as an act of reciprocity, but for his well-earned merits on the bilateral relationship between the countries and his own commitment in protecting and promoting the development factors for the Mediterranean.  Prince Albert II also honoured prime minister Rama with this medal as a culture personality.

    Mr Rama posted a video 19 minutes ago; were he can be seen together with Prince Albert II of Monaco./Tiranapost/A.C

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    Në Monako me ftesë të Princit Albert II

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