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  • Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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    Albanian President Meta claims he was tipped off parliament building would be set on fire during anti-government protests

    President of Albania Ilir Meta was summoned Monday by the special parliamentary commission of Inquiry which will probe his alleged constitutional violations regarding his decree to cancel the local elections held on the 30th of June. In his remarks, Meta said that based on some intelligence claims, there were plans to set the parliament building on fire.

    “One of the key reasons that drove me to cancel elections, is the fact that the President is also the chairman of National Security Council. There have been plenty of tips coming from official sources that there were efforts to destabilize the country particularly on the seventh of June. Other secret information made it clear to me that some particular individuals would take advantage of the opposition’s protest to set the parliament building on fire. The President of a country cannot allow such a scenario which would lead to severe consequences for the country,” Meta said.

    In another argument presented to the Commission, Meta recalled a decision of the European Court for Human Rights for issuing a penalty against Bulgaria. Back in 2015, the Court argued that the right of vote is guaranteed and is not limited to the vote of a single candidate. Meta was asked by members of the Commission in regard to his decision making process and clarified that he has been critical of the opposition and has not acted to satisfy its whims. Furthermore, Meta declared that the ruling majority made the mistake of replacing members of the Democratic Party and Socialist Movement for Integration in parliament following their decision to give up their mandates.

    “The President of this country has not concerned himself to accept some of the opposition’s whims but to guarantee an all-inclusive process and avoid disappointment among voters. The opposition took other irresponsible steps and the majority rushed in replacing MPs. Every Albanian is fully aware that the country is facing a horrible crisis of representation and both sides are to blame. The parliament according to the Constitution must have 140 members,” Meta said.

    The special parliamentary commission of inquiry, has been set up by the ruling Socialist Party which accuses the President of violating the Constitution with his decree to cancel the local elections. The commission will deliver its recommendation for Meta’s impeachment to parliament and the decision requires a qualified majority of votes.

    This story is subject to further update as the hearing is still underway. /Tiranapost.al/

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