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  • Monday, 23 September 2019
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    President Meta holds press conference on Venice Commission Delegation

    President Ilir Meta held a press conference on Wednesday, where he commented on the Venice Commission delegation visit to Tirana on Tuesday, at the request of the Assembly for an opinion on the Inquiry Commission set up to investigate President Meta’s alleged constitutional violations in regard to the annulment of the June 30 local elections, that could lead to his impeachment. Meta called the members of the commission guests of honor, and stated that a document that will be published on the presidency’s official page on Monday will present the whole situation until his controversial decree on the June 30 annulment.

    “I thank the Assembly for the respect and trust shown to the Venice Commission, and I would like to add that the President’s cooperation with Venice will be excellent and transparent. I have expressed my readiness to be present on October 11 as well, to be open to any questions of the members of the Venice Commission on the matter in question”, said the President.

    In regard to the 18th of October, the date when Albania will know if there will be any opening of EU accession talks, Meta stated that the country must be patient and wait before cracking open the champagne to celebrate.

    “The President has done everything to ensure that the country has received the opening date for the negotiations, he has done everything in his power to provide the constitutional court, and he will continue to do his best to serve the goal of European integration”, said Meta.

    President Meta also stated that he will be the first to applaud the prime minister Rama if Albania were to receive a positive response on October 18.

    “I would even give Rama a medal, as PM and as Minister of Foreign Affairs, if October 18 turns out to be in our favor. Basha, on the other hand, doesn’t deserve one, because he has not respected the institutions, and Monica doesn’t deserve one because she placed her trust in Basha”, said Meta.  Tiranapost.al


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