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  • Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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    Porto Romano petrol deposit fined 350,000 euros

    A petrol deposit containing 233,000 liters of unregistered and undeclared gasoline in Porto Romano has been fined 350,000 Euros, and if the violation is repeated, the fine will increase to 5 times more and the shutting down of the activity. This evasion breakthrough has come as a result of action being taken across the country to crack down on informality, ranging from beaches and vacation spots to publicly-owned hotels and complexes.
    “What we are trying to do is physical inventory of the whole situation in the fiscal warehouses,” said Customs Director General Arlind Gjokuta.

    In August, the focus of controls will be on the excise tax, ranging from fuel, alcoholic beverages, coffee, etc. The Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj emphasized that a thorough analysis is being carried out in order to identify any violations:
    “We will monitor every economic activity in order to fully understand the extent of evasion and the achievement of objectives to combat it. In Porto Romano we are analyzing all points of custom warehouses for all entities having deposit locations. We will also move to Fier, as well as to any point where there is a customs warehouse. This not only for fuel, but also for other excise tax products. ”

    Minister Denaj also called on businesses to fully evaluate and declare the products they are marketing. / Tiranapost.al


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