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  • Thursday, 22 August 2019
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    Political crisis, Meta: Parties can’t make it without one another. Dialogue is needed!

    In a televised interview with Albania’s public broadcaster RTSH, President Ilir Meta said that he lacks constitutional means to impose a solution to the political crisis.

    “One of the parties says the opposition will stumble while the other refuses to engage to dialogue with the prime minister. They should demonstrate will and engage in dialogue,” President Meta said.

    “My messages have been clear since the beginning. Both parties cannot make it without one another and they should collaborate for the benefit of the citizens,” he added.

    In terms of elections, Meta said that he was mostly concerned about the country’s stability and public interest.

    “There is no political, ideological, family or personal reason that would impact my decision and my behavior as President of the Republic. I have no concern nor any interest on the June 30th elections or parliamentary elections in 2021. The country’s stability and public interest are what matter to me,” Meta said.

    According to President Meta, the implementation of democratic standards, transparency in justice reform  based on consensual constitutional amendments through an all-inclusive election process represent a solution to the stalemate. Meta described the crisis as a deep constitutional one rooted in the constitutional amendments of 2008.

    “We are dealing with a deeply-rooted constitutional crisis. The lack of a functional Constitutional Court and the paralysis of the entire justice system will lead to an even deeper crisis. The roots are there in the amendments that took place in 2008. The crisis has worsened in the past two years and past two months after the move of the opposition,” Meta said./Tiranapost/D.U