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  • Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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    PM Rama sits for interview with Euronews Greece

    Prime minister Edi Rama sat for an interview with Euronews Greece, following a meeting with Greek counterpart, Mitsotakis on Tuesday in Athens, where he attended the EU-Arab league cooperation forum.

    During the interview, Rama talked about the two pressing issues between Albania and Greece, the Ionian Sea deal and Greek minorities property rights in Albania.

    Rama also tackled the case of Kostandin Katsifas, which he called ‘extremist madness’ adding that sometimes political influences could beget violence and resentement in the ‘cohabitation’ between two neighboring countries.

    ” We are hoping to cooperate with the new government the same way we did with the last one, and we are hoping to find a consensual solution”, said Rama on the Ionian Sea economic zone deal.

    Rama also said that the controversy sorrounding the issue of Greek minoritues is just political noise and politically driven.

    “As for the law, we have worked for a long time to resolve property issues, very complicated after the fall of communism, when the regime that allowed no property collapsed and many things went wrong. What we are trying to do is simply reformulate existing legislation for the benefit of all, and fight a system of corruption that spills – we might say – people’s blood on their property. But it’s not just about the Greek minority, but everyone”, said Rama. Tiranapost.al



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