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  • Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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    Photo/Skanderbeg Square awarded “Best Public Urban Space 2018” in Barcelona

    After the praise and awards received at the Chicago biennial, the prestigious European Award for Urban Public Space 2018 in Barcelona, and the second prize for Contemporary Architecture 2019 awarded by the European Union, Skanderbeg Square continues to attract the attention of international architecture, as one of the spaces that has undergone a tremendous transformation.

    Just recently, Skanderbeg Square was selected as the winner of the European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention (AADIPA), in a difficult and competitive race, where 239 projects from around the world participated. The jury called the Skanderbeg Square project as a reflection of Albania’s complexity and history.

    The prestigious award was issued by the Catalan Association of Architects and the Architects Association for Protection and Intervention in Architectural Heritage, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Catalan Government and the Barcelona Municipal Council.
    “Skanderbeg Square” competed in the category “Foreign Spaces” and from the ten selected works, 4 finalists were chosen:
    – Skanderbeg Square, from studio 51N4E, Anri Sala, iRI and Plant en Houtgoed (Tirana, Albania)
    – Visitors Center at Villers Abbey by Binario Architects (Villers-la-Ville, Belgium)
    – Entrance to the Jorba Castle by Carles Enrich Studio (Barcelona, Spain)
    – Zollverein Park by Planergruppe GmbH Oberhausen (Essen, Germany)

    The jury chose the “Skanderbeg” square in Tirana as the winning project, emphasizing the special importance played by the authors’ freedom in project implementation for the challenge of working on a very complex and symbolic square due to the historical and political context it carries , as well as the expressive simplicity through a refined topography that resembles the values of the architectural historical complex in harmony with the surrounding buildings, creating a fracture in the composition of the existing urban axis, generating a new model of urban space./ Tiranapost.al


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