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  • Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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    Photo / Mayor Veliaj attends meeting of architects and urbanists in Rotterdam

    Architects and urban designers from the lower European countries, who convened in Rotterdam at the meeting organized by the prestigious architecture magazine Baumeister, praised the great transformation Tirana has undergone in recent years, and congratulated the Municipality of Tirana for the courageous steps carried out towards the achievement of some of the most contemporary projects, both architecturally and in terms of improving citizens’ lives.

    The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, presented some of the challenges the city and the municipality faced in managing housing policies.
    “I am very proud of Tirana because of the fact that it was selected this year by ‘Baumeister’, the most prestigious architecture and urban planning magazine in the low countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, where attention has been focused on the transformation of the city. We have received a lot of appreciation in regard to the way we have solved housing issues with soft loans, targeting young couples with new born families, starting their professional life in Tirana, ” Veliaj said.

    Veliaj stressed that such meetings, where Tirana showcases its positive achievements in areas such as architecture and urban development, are a good way to improve Albania’s image, especially in skeptical countries like the Netherlands.
    “It is especially positive when we do this in the Netherlands, a country that we have to admit, is skeptical, needs more information, needs to understand that Albania is a European country, and the true risk does not derive from small Albania when there are all these transformations. It is a challenge to communicate the history of Albania’s success in the Netherlands, especially considering the fact that part of our politics is recently connected to the Netherlands, trying to transmit Albania’s frustrations, anger and debates to the Netherlands as well. I would like us to be an ‘antidote’, while becoming more present in the Netherlands with such meetings to ensure that our whole story is heard, ” added Veliaj.
    The latter stressed that it is important for Albania’s various politicians to use their connections and information on European countries, in this case with the Netherlands, to introduce our country as a pro-European country and to not produce policies that undermine the interests of the Albanian citizens. “I understand that the connection with the Netherlands, and the relationship some politicians have with this place, they do not use it as an opportunity to raise Albania’s image, but as an opportunity to shield it, insult it and denigrate it, and this must end. Hence, I believe that as a city, as a success story of Tirana, such platforms of architecture and urban development, are a fantastic opportunity to tell Albania’s story, “he added. Tiranapost.al


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