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  • Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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    New underground parking at Elbasan Street gets inaugurated, Veliaj: Our work doesn’t stop here

    Another underground parking has been added to the capital. As of Monday, all citizens who will have to stop near Elbasan Street can leave their car in the new 145- seat parking lot. This investment of the Municipality of Tirana provides parking solutions in one of the busiest areas of the capital.

    After inspecting the completion of the works, Tirana’s Mayor Erion Veliaj said that “this is another fulfilled promise made to the citizens”.

    The Mayor also brought to the attention the fact that this will be the fourth underground parking lot that the Municipality has opened in four years.

    “The motto of the municipality is: The fewer cars. However, I understand that many responsibilities make us use our cars to travel to work, to our children’s schools or to run errands, that is why the City Hall is working in finding solutions such as this underground parking lot. We have used the space successfully by construction a playground for kids on the surface and a parking lot for the cars”, said Veliaj.

    The Mayor then underlined the fact that more projects such as this one will be started during the next four years, more concretely one at the Tirana’s Lake Park and one at the Student’s City.

    Veliaj then assured all the citizens that “all the profit acquired by the parking lots is financing another project of the Municipality that of making Tirana a greener and ecological city by planting trees”.

    The public parking has 2 underground floors and offers 145 parking spaces in total, plus 2 parking spaces for the special need’s citizens. Parking is provided with emergency lighting system according to applicable standards. On the 1st floor (parking) is also located the block of sanitary rooms, which will serve the recreational park on the surface. Public parking features a ventilation system and is also equipped with a fire protection system.

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