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  • Thursday, 17 October 2019
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    Medical students one step closer to the student card, Veliaj: We solved the bus pass issue

    Earlier today with the presence of the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, the Minister of Education Besa Shanini, The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu and the rector of the Medical university Prof. Dr. Arben Gjata, the medical students started the registration process for the student card.  Veliaj ensured all the students that they will be endowed with the cards within July.

    “We had an impressive and intensive start. We’ve been present to all the faculties and universities of Tirana and we’ve followed the process closely. We’ve issued 1800 cards and 600 of them have been delivered to the students. We will keep our good work until the end of July”, stated Veliaj.

    The good news, according to the Mayor, is that now except the public institutions, private ones have joined this clause and have offered their services with a lowered price or free of charge to all the students that require them.

    One of the facilitating benefits that the students will have with the student card is the public transportation pass. Veliaj ensured that the issue with the passes has been resolved. “We’ve discussed with both ministries regarding the public transportation passes. These passes are been printed at the Finance Ministry and we have to pre-order them one month in advance. We started with the student card in June, from their acquisition we will have a clearer idea of the demand, so that we can order the passes”, said Veliaj.

    Tirana was a success regarding the student card, and so after June 30th other cities throughout the country will be included to the new experience. “After the new Mayors get appointed, we will expand the student card experience even in their cities, so that all students can benefit from its services”, stated the Minister of Education, while approving that Tirana has set a great example that other Municipalities should follow. While the Minister of Health stated that the promises listed on the ‘Pact with the University’, are being fulfilled, and by doing so a new way of collaboration has surfaced between the universities and the ministries.

    The student card doesn’t require any payment form the students, and is renewable for every study cycle. The card has a special barcode that allows access to all the public or private subject that have in display the card’s logo. Through this card the students benefit facilitates on various public and private services that are offered in Tirana./Tiranapost/D.D

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