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  • Monday, 20 January 2020
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    Mallakastra’s newly elected Mayor gets sworn in office

    Earlier today the new elected Mayor of Mallakastra finally gave his oath of office, but not without any incidents.

    Right after leaving his post former Mayor Agron Kaplanaj, closed the Municipality’s doors. But even after this obstacle, the new mayor Qerim Ismailaj, was sworn in during the official ceremony that was held at a high school in Ballsh.

    In his remarks Mayor Ismailaj said that Mallakastra needs everyone’s contribution.

    He also added that his staff “will create a conservative forum where all members of political parties that have done all they could for Mallakastra will be involved”.

    Ismailaj then concluded his statement by assuring his citizens that Mallakastra’s municipality will only work for their interests.

    Meanwhile the former Mayor said that he will leave the office when his mandate will end, and that he doesn’t recognize Mr. Ismailaj as its city mayor.

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