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  • Sunday, 20 October 2019
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  • A Note By Mira News

    Kosovo has spoken

    I have followed numerous elections, from 2005 until today, but always, more or less we are served the same scenario: CEAZ hostage, ballot boxes hostage, commissioners hostage, Albania hostage!

    In one of the elections, the counting lasted for so many days that, during the last night, I reported for the TV I worked for, in a sleep t-shirt, with three darn puppies on it. The horror! 10 days counting in the field, not forgetting counting in the CEC, which in addition to a number of stories has also produced a mayor.

    On Sunday, October 6, 2019, Kosovo will be remembered not only for the voting process, which showed that Kosovans rallied against an older class, not just for the hot slap in the face of war veterans, who found the toughest judge and jury in the citizens exhausted by frustration and long waits, from poverty, from apathy, from corruption, from nationalist speeches that no longer work!

    Kosovans are not the backward people that can be deceived with loud noises and chest banging in the name of flag and motherland, while plunging the country into despair and suffering.

    Kosovo stands proud today, not only because they almost elected a woman for prime minister, and not only because they finally elected the Albin of protests and dreams, but also because of the manner the voting and counting were carried out. Quickly, correctly, with perfect defeat concession!

    Kosovo, without denying credit to those who were ‘punished’ by the vote, showed reflection in these elections: multi-parties (not only two), ideas, only hours for the counting, and not days, weeks!

    Kosovo, with these elections, showed intelligence, spirit and vitality. A mature, wise Kosovo that neither lies nor rests in the luxury of opportunism or pessimism: this country is hopeless!

    Neither the deals, nor the money or statuses of who you are and who I am, neither the diplomas, nor even this reform of justice, carry the weight of the living spirit of society. The intelligent and non-digital citizen is the judge and jury! Elites are to blame and not the people. Elections are won and counted without the need for the ‘powerful’. Without oligarchs and sponsored media. Albania, 100 years an independent state, today desperately needs to get to ground zero. Let’s start over, because today there is a need to change this system. It takes the new and fresh vision, a Vjosa, an Albin. The elections in Kosovo made us think, but above all they turned into a mirror reflecting ourselves, or the light or day that tomorrow brings, whose glass does not spare room for today’s opposition protagonists, unfortunately ! /Tiranapost.al

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