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  • Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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    Former mayor of Vora under investigation/ risks up to four years in prison

    The Decriminalization Unit in Albania is officially investigating the mayor of Vora, Agim Kajmaku, following reports of recent weeks of a past arrest in Greece. Kajmaku was one of the names mentioned in the denouncement of the democratic party on Monday, alongside mayor of Shkodra, Valdrin Pjetri (who resigned following allegations of a criminal past) and the mayor of Vau i Dejes, Mark Babani.

    The democratic party alleged that Kajmaku was arrested and charged in Greece for forgery and counterfeiting. The DP also added that Kajmaku had changed his identity to Jorgo Toto, owner of ID: Z0148497.

    Kajmaku was acquitted by the Janina court last September, of the charges of forgery and counterfeiting, but he had failed to provide this information in his decriminalization forms before running for public office.

    On Monday, Kajmaku addressed an official letter to chief prosecutor Arta Marku, where he claimed that he had no prior knowledge of the charges in Greece, arguing that he was acquitted in September.

    In wake of the consecutive scandals of mayors with alleged criminal pasts, and the new denouncement of the democratic party in regard to Kajmaku, the prime minister Rama has yet to comment, while he has previously stated that these are issues that belong to the justice institutions.

    Kajmaku was asked to forfeit his mandate and he risks up to four years in prison, based on the Albanian criminal code. Tiranapost.al

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