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  • Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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  • A Note By Mira News

    Flags in French classrooms versus free books in Albania

    We still find ourselves in the midst of the free text books confusion, me belonging to the band of people who think they should be bought. The wealthy and the medium wealthy should buy them, because a book is worth more than a hamburger, pizza or child entertainment centers, that are always full to the brim, sparing no expanse. Shopping malls are full of carts and parents that buy compulsorily, whether their pocket can bare it or not, sometimes. They do it because they love their children and it’s a good thing, but why do they want their books to be free, then?  As if school is an obnoxious obligation. School is in fact the greatest investment for man. This institution has been worn out during the 30 years of democracy, from the loss of the authority of teachers from new money peeps, to focusing on grand and visible, in your face investments: roads, paint, plaster, buildings, tourist villages. School is like an oak tree, it takes time for it to be noticed, and more or less has never been of any interest to anybody. Certainly, policies for the impossibles are necessary (i mean free books), this is the good ol’ social state, but while we talk about this topic, France is looking to go back to its national identity, but also the European one. There will be two flags visible in French classrooms, the French one and the European one.

    It is a sure thing, that there will be those who are against and those who favor the idea, but the theme in and on itself smells like society with a conscience.

    What are we teaching generations then? How to demand everything for free and everything else is just fine?

    What are they teaching children in preschools and schools? Love for each-other, identity, foreign languages, their preparation, as professor Fuga rightfully wrote today (we are not always on the same page, but grudges are so old school). Are we preparing children for 20 years into the future? Where they will work? How will they perceive and love their country?

    The answers to these questions will be the best ads in the world, hopefully with little Albanian and European flags, because even Skanderbeg, our national hero who lived during the middle ages, fought and dreamt of it.

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