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  • Saturday, 19 October 2019
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    Basha hints of entering elections, three conditions set out during meeting

    The chairmanship of the Democratic Party convened Thursday. The Democratic Party chairman apparently announced three conditions that would guarantee free and fair elections.

    The first one stipulates that the Democratic Party will enter elections only after the conditions for free and fair elections are met. According to the democrats, the current political situation does not offer the democratic standards for free and fair elections. Furthermore, the right-wing party believes that there are sufficient evidence to provide that Edi Rama’s government has cooperated with organized crime to buy votes.

    Nonetheless, Prime Minister Rama has said he is willing to dialogue with the opposition and has called on his opponent to vote the electoral reform which would guarantee free and fair elections.

    The second condition set out by the Democrats is that the latter must not allow superficial elections that would destroy the democracy and the will of Albanian citizens.

    The third point of the DP meeting is that the chairman and secretary general of the party has the mandate to negotiate with the opposition for the agreement which would guarantee free and fair election, protection of public interest and the establishment of a opposition  action to achieve these goals.

    Basha’s decisions are expected to be approved during the DP’s council meeting later today.

    Earlier today, the Democratic Party chairman received the Great Britain Ambassador Duncan Norman. /Tiranapost/D.U

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