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  • Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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    Basha against the fines: The collected money is used for luxuries

    Since July, the ruling majority has undertaken actions against informality, in the process the appointed inspectors have fined many businesses upon the violation that they have reported.

    On this account the opposition has voiced its disagreement with the actions taken.

    In his latest statement, Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha again voiced his opposition to the anti-informality action, as he said Prime Minister Edi Rama was spending the money collected on luxury.

    “Wealth and Luxury for themselves, Unemployment, Poverty, Injustice and Uncertainty for the people. This Psychic thief fines small businesses that barely make a living for their families! With the money they finance the luxury and pleasures of the Psychic Thief and his clients,” Basha wrote on Facebook today.

    On the other hand, the government has turned its attention to big business violations. In July alone, 1,933 businesses were validated and inspected (hotels, bars or gas stations) and 803 of them were found with various violations.

    Based on official data:

    -195 businesses were fined for not issuing a tax voucher (first prior), while 15 were suspended for 30 calendar days for failing to issue a tax voucher (second prior).

    -108 subjects were blocked after being unregistered

    -92 businesses were penalized after being found with undeclared employees.

    According to the tax procedures law, businesses that so not issue a tax voucher are automatically fined 50,000 ALL. If this breach is repeated, then in addition to the fine, the business will face a 30-day suspension.  Whereas for sales without tax invoice the business will be charged and will be fined as much as 100 percent of undeclared tax.

    Action against informality continues in August, targeting some of the most popular businesses, such as the Rogner Hotel that was fined 150,000 ALL, Gega Oil that was fined 350,000 euros, Tajvani that was fined and suspended, or Havana in Dhërmi.

    Deputy Prime Minister Erion Braçe listed last week some of the names of big businesses that have been ned after being caught violating:

    “I want to ask Lulzim Basha publicly and I want from him a public response; Which ate the small businesses that he mentions? Tajvani, Sheraton, Rogner, Tirana, Plaza? The Two Lions in Linzë, the Shisha bar, the Favola Complex in Lalëz bay, the big restaurant at the former block of Blue Lagoon; Maybe Spar supermarkets are considered a small business in your book? Or the Green Coast in Palasë? What about Havana in Dhermi? What about Folie in Tirana, Folie and Solei in Jalë small? What about Morina Palace, Belle Vue, Ideal, Rexhina and Tragjas?”

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