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  • Sunday, 20 October 2019
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    Analyst Edward Joseph claims it is strange Kosovo-Serbia dialogue issue has two US envoys

    US analyst Edward Joseph says that with the appointment of Richard Grenell as special envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, the White House believes it can persuade Germany to back the controversial idea of swapping territories between Kosovo and Serbia.

    In an interview with RFE / RL, Joseph sees the United States’ increasingly intensified involvement in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, both positive and disturbing.

    “Positive, because any US administration that shows intense interest in the Balkans is a good thing,” he said.

    It has been several years since the US has distanced itself from the Balkans and removed the region from its priorities. But dialogue requires high-level engagement so that both Kosovo and Serbia can make progress, he continued.

    At the same time, Joseph questioned the fact that Ambassador Grenell was appointed envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue when Matthew Palmer was elected envoy for the Balkans.

    According to Joseph, it is unusual to have two envoys, especially when one was just freshly appointed. It is possible that the White House remains committed to the Balkans and believes Grenell is the person who can push Germany.

    Nevertheless, the important leaders in the region see the idea of swapping territories as dangerous and destabilizing”, he said, adding that Germany and Merkel have clearly opposed it. Question is, will Grenell manage to persuade Germany? Will Kosovo itself obey? How will Albin Kurti deal with Thaci? / The article refers to Radio Free Europe / Tiranapost.al.




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