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  • Monday, 19 August 2019
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  • A Note By Mira News

    A public response to Sali Berisha regarding my accident!

    Sali Berisha, this is Mira Kazhani. I am the daughter of two hard working and honorable parents. They have not once covered for me and furthermore, they’ve never been sleep deprived because of me.

    A week ago, I was involved in a shocking accident. Needless to say, i am not to blame. A young man stormed into the highway in an attempt to cross to the other side and crashed in my car. If you do not believe to police officers, ask your own son Shkelzen about what it means to travel in the highway and have somebody cross you off. Let Shkelzen tell you about the priority of road users in the highway. He will surely tell you the priority in the highway is given to the vehicle and not the passerby who puts his life and the life of the others at risk. Only God can save a man who embarks in such mission to cross the highway. I urge you to read the Road Code and if your son is on holidays, I urge you to find and read the expertise report for my accident.

    Let me remind you about the footage which shows it all since the moment of the accident and up to my testimony at the police station. I do not drink alcohol. I do not use my texts to issue fines. I have been against your political figure since 1997 when my brother was wounded by aerial firing by criminal gangs in the center of Burrel. The firing was done using the some guns that you threw out of the streets to keep yourself safe. You never cared if someone would get hurt, be it from friendly fire. This past week i thought hard and long but above all i prayed for that young boy to be okay. People asked if i was hurt, but it seems as if they did not understand me. I am hurt! I was hurt although not at fault. No one in this world wants to be involved in an accident. No one takes pleasure out of it, unless you are Sali Berisha, a man who never quits from hurting those innocent just to get one more hour in your politics that feeds on corpses of those who are healthy and those who are hurt.

    The road accident was not my fault, not even a little bit. You on the other hand are to blame for the murder of 27 people and children in Gerdec and i don’t call it a technology-based accident.

    Nertil was under hospital observation every day. He was taken care off by doctors. My own father and relatives were there to fill up the absence of his family members that were nowhere to be found.

    There seem to be an explanation: the police was not able to identify him, because Nertil was an unfortunate child, abandoned by a family that had its own problems and failed to register him at the civil registry. His fingerprints were not in the system.

    I know that you do not care and nothing impresses you. Nevertheless, I have my own and my family to deal and get over this problem that happened and was not caused by me.

    You can go on however. Your inclusion in a public attack on me is louder than any political based attack. Your words are filled with lies. Do not bother. You are attacking me as a human being and not as a reporter. I did not become a reporter during this government. I was a reporter when you came back in 2015 and when you departed in 2013. I am still a reporter. This is my profession no matter who governs this country. Based on your logic it would mean that I served as a reporter in your own court as well.

    I am fully aware that you categorize reporters into friends and foes. Those who serve you get the chance of you covering for them just like you do best. Your foes however are the target of all kinds of falsity.

    Your lie is not the truth of this story.

    When it comes to you, i leave it in the hands of God, although i am a witness of how the leader of pluralism is becoming more and more like a jester.

    I will live longer than you, and i will always write about how miserable you were. Godspeed!